Our Water

Why drink water from thousands of miles away when you can enjoy Catskill Clear from New York’s own Catskill Mountains? Captured from crystal springs and aquifers deep in the pristine Catskills, here’s pure water with nothing added, nothing taken away. And Catskill Clear is more than just delicious water!

Immerse yourself in the beauty and mystique of New York State. Discover the rich history and bountiful scenery of our region through the eyes of local artists. Journey with us as we explore all New York has to offer; pure water to refresh your body, captivating imagery, legend, and folklore to renew your soul. It’s what makes Catskill Clear so unique!

Plus it’s…

• Convenient
• Natural
• BPA-Free
• Chlorine-Free
• Chloramine-Free
• Flouride-Free
• Additive-Free

What’s more, a portion of your purchase will be donated to Wild Wings, a local sanctuary for injured birds.

Best of all, it tastes great! In our opinion, Catskill Clear is the most delicious water anywhere on earth!