Our Bottles

We take pride in the beautiful design of our labels. From the artwork on each bottle to title banner across the top, we pay careful attention to the details of each label to ensure that you enjoy not only the best tasting bottled water, but the most beautiful as well.



It Starts with Our State

New York is arguably one of the most beautiful states in America. From the scenic Catskill Mountains to the bustling city of New York, it’s no wonder our state is a tourist destination for people from all over the world! It is this beauty that Catskill Clear aims to capture in our bottles. We take pride in the nature, legends, and folklore the state of New York has to offer, and we want to share this with you through our bottles.

From Nature to Canvas

Our local artists express their interpretation of New York landscapes and legends onto canvas. Their final work is then used to create the next bottle design. Catskill Clear wouldn’t be possible without these artists’ gifts and talents.

A Colorful Title

We meticulously extract various colors from each painting until we find one that perfectly accentuates the artwork. This becomes the color of the title bar on each bottle. Through this method, we are able to bring you an even more beautiful view of New York’s majesty.

A Perfect Fit

Our 16.9 fl. oz. bullet bottles were intentionally chosen for their feel. Not too thick, not too thin, our crinkle-less bottles fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. This smooth, comfortable design adds to the premium water experience Catskill Clear offers.